With its roots buried deep in the dark, muddy waters, the lotus flower rises up and blooms toward the light of the sun; beautifully illustrating a person’s ability to overcome obstacles in life. The lotus flower posses an extremely strong life force, making it very resilient and symbolizes how the human spirit unfolds, transforming from deep within.

Finally feel what it’s like to be free.


Are you stuck in painful patterns with food?

Feeling obsessed and out of control?

Like so many women, you struggle with your relationship to food. Always losing weight, gaining weight, restricting and bingeing.

You feel shameful & embarrassed because you feel totally                   s  t   u   c   k.


I’ve been there too.


Here’s what I’ve learned… when it comes to healing, our symptoms, and negative behaviors don’t want to be fixed, they want to be heard. They are there for a reason, and they carry a powerful message for you.

Your relationship with food, and your body is a mirror to your relationship with life.  Mind-body-soul — it is ALL interconnected.

I can help you uncover the emotional obstacles that are stopping you from having the body and life that you truly want and deserve.

If you are ready to end the war against your body, your weight, your diet, and your “imperfections”, we should talk…

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